Better than the US presidency

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You probably all already know by now that Al Gore and the IPCC jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. Skipping all the arguments about which part of the partnership deserved it most, I have to say that out of George ‘Dubya’ Bush and Al Gore, I know who came out on top of the 2000 US presidential elections. The ‘winner’ went on to be regarded as a running joke, a swaggering, arrogant ignoramus who makes our Prince Philip look like the most canny and tactful of political commentators, and who has no doubt damaged foreign perception of the USA for decades. The ‘loser’ has managed to secure possibly the most sought after accolade in the world today (with some considerable help of course, but his role in the publicity element cannot be ignored). Go figure - don’t ruin your lives kids, don’t run for US president! 😉