Stating the obvious

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (198 Words)

I’m a fan of Google, but I just have to highlight this nonsense: Google successfully patents the idea of putting things inside other things.

Wow, what a genius idea. Is it just me, or could the IT industry achieve a lot more if we accepted that things such as this were absolutely bloody obvious and went and spent the resources required to file and administer patents like this on something more useful instead? Like real inventions perhaps, not rudimentary combinational assemblies of existing technology that are about as novel as switching jam for marmalade on your sandwiches? Rushing to patent mediocre and thoroughly uninspiring concepts seems to be par for the course these days.

A generation or so ago people were designing supersonic passenger aircraft and landing on the moon - these were big ideas. Now we seem to be drowning under a sea of crappy little ideas that some people seem to think have the same worth and invest huge amounts of resources in registering and protecting, instead of allowing them to be freely shared and combined into what might actually be an idea of worth, something that might actually better mankind. Yay to the modern celebration of mediocrity.