Mentor Summit Panorama Photo

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Yuval from the hugin / panotools project took a 360 degree panoramic photo of people at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit this year, when we were outside by Stan the T-Rex skeleton, and he’s put it online now. When you eventually locate me (not hard, since the T-Shirt I’m wearing is something of a giveaway), you’ll be able to see a bunch of other folks I mentioned around me - Xavier is on my left just peeking over the top of someone else (ie to the right of me in the photo), Sean from BZFlag is on my right (a bit of a gap, he’s the guy with the sunglasses),  Marten from CrystalSpace is in front and to my left in the stripey top. I think Yuval will be creating some tools to visualise the names later.

Just for fun I created a ‘vertical cross’ format version of the panorama so you can feed it through various tools like CubeMapGen. 😀