Pelican Crossing's InDuality

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Quite a few of you will know the name Pelican Crossing already, they’re the company that does Blink3D, a web-based 3D interactive content creation / viewing system which uses OGRE. Well, I was aware that CEO Clive Jackson was in California last week for the Virtual Worlds conference, although I didn’t at that time know precisely why except that there was an announcement on the cards - it would have been good to meet up (especially as he was dropping by NVIDIA too) but unfortunately we missed each other by a week.

Anyway, the story is now out and Clive was announcing InDuality, a web-based system allowing users to log in to various virtual worlds and online content systems from a single, universal, browser-based client. So far he’s demonstrated Blink3d (obviously), Second Life, Club Penguin and X3D, with in-world linking meaning you can transition from one to the next without the page changing. Obviously the plan is to keep expanding the support for more virtual worlds as time goes by, and Blink3D v2.0 is due out very soon. It apparently wowed a lot of people at the conference and a few people have even been naming it the best thing at the show.

Sounds pretty interesting - I’m not much of a user of online worlds myself but it’s definitely a hot topic right now, and everyone wants in on it. Pelican Crossing is working in partnership with IBM on this particular project which will not doubt help them get extra traction, and the extra exposure Blink3D gets can only help OGRE too. Best of luck Clive!