Dare to be Digital - OGRE projects clean up

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Dare to be Digital is the UK’s premier video games creation competition for students, and several of the entrants this year (4 of the 12 teams in fact) used OGRE as a basis for their graphics. This was in itself rather cool when we heard about it in the forum, but I just noticed that out of the 4 awards available, projects using OGRE won 3 of them. That’s not all, as winners these projects get shortlisted for the BAFTA ‘Ones to Watch’ Award so will be no doubt heading to London next week for that. I guess given that a third of the projects were using OGRE we had a good chance of being involved in the winners, but even so, it’s good 😀

It’s especially gratifying to know OGRE is getting used a fair amount in my own country (ok, I live in an offshore Crown-dependent territory officially, but my passport and ridiculous accent says I’m British, by jove) - I tend to hear more from the other side of the Atlantic and in Europe (Eastern as well as Western) than from old Blighty, even though I know there are those in the UK using it too.

Here’s a video of the award ceremony with short clips of the games that won.

Congrats guys, good luck at the BAFTAs!