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We’ve been getting glimpses of this in the OGRE Forums for a while but now you can actually have a play with it now; Kong! is a deathmatch / capture the flag game with a couple of twists; firstly, everyone plays as a brightly coloured monkey (and you can never have too many monkeys in a game, IMO), and secondly, it’s top-down, like the GTA’s of old.

I liked the look of it before but playing it, it’s remarkably well polished - it includes AI-controlled bots, online play and an integrated map editor. The graphics are on the surface fairly simplistic but they’re clean and consistent, the animation has a lot of charm, and they’ve shoehorned in things like ragdolls, cloth animation and nice particle effects, and on the whole it exudes a polish that belies what screenshots might show. Kudos to SpaceDude (a fellow Brit from Nottingham) and his team for a job well done, it’s definitely worth your time to play with; here’s a video that shows it off a little better than screenshots, although you still can’t see some of the nice detail like the monkey reload animations and pivoting aiming system: