MacBook Pro Lives!

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Typical. Not unwelcome, but still typical. After experimenting multiple times with my broken MacBook Pro last night, I’d given up and first thing this morning I took it to my local Apple reseller, iQ (actually there are 2 in the island, but iQ are ‘Premier’ resellers and that’s where I bought it). I was explaining the problem and fired the machine up, and what do you know, it was fine. 😕

Weirdly, the last thing I’d tried last night was clearing the PRAM & NVRAM (hold Command-Option-P-R when starting) since I’d read some reports of that solving some unusual issues. Having done that, nothing changed, but I assumed it had actually cleared the settings because I got the ‘chime’ at powerup time, which I don’t normally because I turn the speakers off, one of the settings kept in the PRAM I think. So I’d been resigned to it being a genuine hardware fault.

So I had a chat with manager Justin whilst I was there, and based on the description it sounds like either it was a temporary glitch which resetting did solve after one additional power cycle, or it’s an intermittent hardware problem, perhaps with the GPU or the DAC which feeds the LCD (he seemed to think that was more likely given the symtoms than a broken LCD, even though the external monitor worked). Since getting back I’ve run the Apple Hardware Test in ‘extensive’ mode but it didn’t highlight anything. We’ll have to see.

He also told me that iQ fix Apple hardware in-house, Justin has all the Apple Technician certifications so he can just take it into ‘the basement’ to replace bits with full warranty cover. That’s really handy to know and makes me feel happy about having bought it there. On the whole they were really helpful and friendly so I can say I had a positive customer experience there. It’s only a small place and they don’t have that many staff (it only opened about a year ago) but I hope they carry on.

He also told me they don’t think they’ll get Leopard today despite being all geared up for it with extended opening times and such - the Jersey store even put on drinks and nibbles that they’re either not going to use or will just grow fat on in-store 😀