Schrödinger's Mac

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My MacBook Pro appears to now be in a state of quantum flux. As previously mentioned it worked fine yesterady when I took it in, and indeed I used it for most of the morning (testing) and most of the evening (doing some Dx10 work). This morning though, it was back to the same problem so I took it in again to demonstrate it.

As if to mock me, whilst it at least demonstrated the problem on boot up, as I was filling the incident report form in and it was sitting idly on the desk untouched next to me, it suddenly decided to right itself. ‘Hey, I can work when I want to!’ it jeered. Since the engineer isn’t in on Saturdays I booked it in for surgery on Tuesday next week and took it home on the assumption I might get some use out of it, to which the MBPs response was to fail again when I got home. Spiteful little bastard.

Clearly there’s some kind of bad connection or temporary problem, I’ve tried the obvious highly technical things like wiggling the lid hinge and light ‘tapping’ to see if it’s a physically dodgy connection but it has no effect. Maybe it’s temperature related, although when I had it back home I left it on for a while to get a little warm and it didn’t change. Hey ho.

I’m reminded of a certain classic british sitcom:

Percy: He must be on his last legs by now, My Lord.

Edmund: Yes, but how many sets of legs has that man got? Really, I wish he’d make up his mind — either he dies, or he lives forever! It’s his shilly-shallying that’s so undignified.