Oh, the horror

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I think the games industry has just demonstrated the very depths to which it is willing to plummet in search of game ideas with Chegger’s Party Quiz.

British people my age will have fond (if slightly garishly coloured) memories of Saturday SwapShop which Cheggers (aka Keith Chegwin) presented with Maggie Philbin and Noel Edmonds (before he became an annoying git, or maybe I was just more forgiving aged 8 ), and who can forget Cheggers Plays Pop?

However Chegger’s currency has waned in recent years and he hasn’t yet figured out that whilst being as over-exuberent as Tigger on amphetemines worked in 70’s kids shows when he was 20, it just comes across as more than a little sad these days.

For nostalgia purposes, if you weren’t of that age or in a different country, here’s what you missed:

Not many men can pull off a red and gold jacket with lapels you can go hang gliding with. And that theme tune - am I the only one thinking that you could make a Rock Band downloadable tracklist purely out of cult 70’s TV shows?