Cg 2.0 public beta

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (219 Words)

Yay, we’ve been waiting for this - the beta of Cg 2.0 is now publicly available to all. I’ll be updating the OGRE dependencies downloads later on today to include it for the purposes of future releases.

It’s important because in OGRE we skipped the last major Cg update (v1.5) because of a loop unrolling bug (the compiler would hang) that would strike people using SM1 vertex shaders for things like skinning. That’s a pretty major problem and meant we couldn’t stand behind it and dsitribute it to people as the default, particularly as one of our own examples used this! People could of course upgrade themselves to 1.5 if they wanted, if they were using SM2 or above for example where the problem didn’t occur, but it was a shame to have to keep making v1.4.1 the default because of that one issue.

I’ve used Cg 2.0 in alpha since about January and it fixes this problem, as well as bringing a bunch of new features to the table such as making Dx10 features available across both rendersystems (for when we finish implementing support for them of course). Everything I’ve tested seems fine so it will be the new standard version in our distributions from now on.

Thanks to Kevin at NVIDIA for pinging me to let me know.