It's official: lottery players are often REALLY dumb

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This cheered me up a bit today after feeling thoroughly rubbish all day: Camelot have had to withdraw some scratch cards because some punters are too dumb to understand negative numbers. When told that to win you have to reveal a number (a temperature) lower than one printed on the card, some consumers were outraged that they were told that they hadn’t won when they scratched off a -6 when the number they had to get lower than was -8.

“I phoned Camelot and they fobbed me off with some story that -6 is higher, not lower, than -8, but I’m not having it.” said one mentally challenged woman from the Manchester area. “I think Camelot are giving people the wrong impression - the card doesn’t say to look for a colder or warmer temperature, it says to look for a higher or lower number. Six is a lower number than 8. Imagine how many people have been misled.”

If all it takes to be ‘misled’ is to have a total lack of primary school level numeracy, it’s a wonder these people can tie their shoes in the morning - but I guess that’s why slip-ons were invented.