Urgh, v2

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I’ve definitely got the ‘flu rather than just a cold, judging by the uncontrollable shaking and alternating between shivering under 7 layers of blankets and sweating like it’s a hundred degrees. I’ve also had the worst headaches I can remember for a long time, for about 12 hours yesterday, which sucked. At least my throat is better this morning, and I think my fever has broken now (I have vague recollections of thought processes that I know seemed completely reasonable last night but now seem downright nonsense), but I’m definitely in no state to be doing anything today. The forums will have to survive without me for another day.

Apparently my MacBook Pro is now fixed (LCD replaced), not that I particularly care right now but hopefully I’ll feeel well enough to pick it up tomorrow. Now I’ve reported in sick via email for the project I’m on, I’m going back to bed.