Undeniable talents

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I’m still sick as a dog, merely the form of my illness has changed - I’m now onto the ‘coughing until you’re sure you ejected a major organ’ stage. 

In my semi-vegetative state I’ve made my way through one and a half books and way too much TV, owing to the fact that my clogged brain can’t cope with anything more demanding. However, it’s not all bad since it led me by pure chance to be watching ‘Dave’ (a TV channel over here - don’t ask why) when something exquisite appeared:

Yes, it’s the worlds only hand-farting duet performing the Mexican Hat Dance. Truly inspired, and you can’t help but admire the technical skill involved - at least I would have done had I been able to see through my tears of laughter and been able to stop coughing my lungs out.

Gentlemen, I salute you.