Well, that sucks

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I don’t generally like posting negative, self-indulgent stuff on this blog, particularly multiple times in succession (hence the light sprinkling of comedy to lighten the mood), but I’m also aware that people will want to know why I’m not fielding their questions in the forum just at the moment. So, here’s the excuses.

I’ve had what turned out to be one of the nastier bouts of ‘flu I’ve had in a pretty long while; the last time I can remember feeling this crappy was when I developed flu on the way back from Canada in 2004 which led to an apalling 10-hour flight. I’m just about operating again now, 5 days since it started, although by no means at full capacity. I have a lot of catching up to do, please bear with me.

As if to maximise the ‘bummer quotient’, also in the last week my Grandfather in Cornwall had a heart attack - he’s recovering luckily - and just today my parents’ cat died, from old age (to the extent that she used to be ‘my’ cat when I lived at home, which was a lot of years ago now!) which was anticipated due to her declining health but still very sad.

On balance not the most disastrous of event sequences, things could certainly be a lot worse (and I feel more sorry for my parents, whom the latter two events will have affected more acutely due to proximity), but my batteries are drained right now - I’ll be back as soon as my energy returns. In the meantime, in order to counter all this negativity, I solemnly invoke the power of kittens:

And thus, the balance is restored.