A logic-free zone

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So, the PS3 is starting to do a bit better sales-wise since the price cut it seems, rather unsurprisingly. The price has always been the #1 obstacle after all, and all the Sony posturing about consumers feeling honoured to pay gold dust for such an awesome machine have long been proved the very worst kind of arrogance. Indeed, if you go into the shops these days you’ll find fairly similarly priced deals on 360 and PS3, assuming you ignore the cheapo Core and Live Arcade systems which aren’t really a decent comparison.

However, it made me laugh today that Sony is claiming the shortage of Wii consoles over the Christmas season will be an advantage to them. Erm - how exactly? The fact that one of your competitors can’t help but sell every single unit they can physically produce, pretty much before it even hits the shelf, this heartens you somehow? At a stretch you could make the claim that disappointed customers who can’t secure a Wii might ‘fall back’ on grabbing a PS3 instead, but I’m not really buying that - I don’t think most of the people wanting to buy a Wii this Christmas are likely to shrug and stump up double the price for a high-end, very different piece of hardware instead. No, this looks like another case of a CEO trying to convince the market that black might in fact be white, if you look at it the right way.

I’m eagerly waiting for the embargo on Mass Effect reviews to expire on Nov 19th, but from hints dropped on some websites, it certainly sounds like it’s going to be a corker and thus set the seal on a 360 purchase for me. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS3 exclusive) kind of slipped under the radar for me until recently and looks like a really solid game, adding  some weight to the PS3 side along with hopes for Little Big Planet; however on the other side there’s the sheer scope of Mass Effect and the fact that many cross-platform titles, some of which I’m interested in, tend to perform better on 360 at the moment, presumably because the PS3 architecture is, true to form, tough to get the best out of if you’re not hunched exclusively over it for months or years on end. On balance, unless Mass Effect disappoints I’m pretty much set on a 360 now, with the option for a PS3 later if the exclusives improve. We’re off on holiday in a weeks time, but I think I’ll make my choice when I return.