Merry Christmas Everyone

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I’m one day late, but then I didn’t have time to touch a computer yesterday 😀We were hosting this Christmas, which meant Marie and I were in charge of all the cooking. We’ve done an xmas meal before, but only for ourselves so this was our first time inflicting our yuletide culinary creations on others. Luckily we were only cooking for 4 so it wasn’t a huge deal, but still there was quite a lot to do.

Anyone who says that roast dinners are easy is lying. We cook a lot anyway, but most of the time it’s stir fries, curries, pasta, stuff that doesn’t take more than an hour to prepare and cook typically (who has time for anything else these days?). In contrast a festive roast dinner requires a lot more preparation, from figuring out the right time to start everything (turkey, vegetables, sauces, stuffing, etc), to getting all the ingredients in the first place, especially if you want it all to be fresh - which we generally insist on, after all, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly. We started everything Christmas Eve, or rather Marie mostly did because she’s much more organised than I am, and I swear that we had enough planning data to have built an impressive looking Gantt chart out of it, had we chosen to.

Luckily it all went fine on the day. We were on the go pretty much all morning but the result was a great turkey with all the trimmings, enough to fill several Mr Creosotes, and it was actually quite fun to do. Not something I’d want to do every day, but my wife and I make a pretty good food creation machine when we put our minds to it. I feel I’ve peeled my share of root vegetables for a while though. Oh, and of course we’ll be having turkey sandwiches for far too long into the future. 😕

Hope it was a good day for everyone else too! Best wishes to all readers for the coming New Year.