Little Big Planet is 'Fall' 2008 now??

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (342 Words)

Suddenly I’m even more glad I chose a 360 for my current HD console purchase - I just watched the latest Little Big Planet demo from CES 2008, where it looks cute and interesting as ever (even if they didn’t have time / inclination to show anything we haven’t seen before really), but the guy doing the presentation was talking about a public beta in late Summer, with an intention of a ‘Fall’ release (2008). Given that LBP was originally slated for Fall 2007, and has since slipped to December, then Q1 2008 last I heard, that’s a whole year of slippage right there. No real explanation either, I wonder if it’s to do with LBP itself or the content sharing platform it will be relying on - assuming they’re making that content platform reusable, it would seem to make sense for Sony to do that, since they appear to be trying to differentiate themselves in the online space via open community content.

I love the idea of LBP and it was the only exclusive title I had any real interest in on PS3, even though I still have a nagging doubt about the longevity of it (we haven’t really seen much about the core gameplay itself, and that’s still important even with all the fun creativity). AutumnFall 2008 really means Thanksgiving/Christmas 2008, in my view - even discounting almost inevitable further slippage, if you’re going to be in the latter part of the year you’d be daft to aim for anything else, unless you’re the kind of title that can create its own little out-of-season buying frenzy like Halo 3, and I don’t think LBP can mobilise the existing fan base to generate that. Had I bought a PS3 on the (still quite hard to measure) strength of LBP I would have been kicking myself now.

I’ll think I’ll stick to toasting crumpets on the back of my 360 for the moment. It may not be technologically elegant, but at least I can play things I want on it right now…