Of Questionable Merit

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Ok, let’s be clear - Rez HD coming to the 360 on XBLA is a good thing, I’m sure I’ll end up adding it to my growing XBLA collection - Pac Man Championship Edition is one of my favourite I’ve-got-15-minutes-spare games of all time, and Marie can’t seem to ever stop playing Zuma. If we’re really, really lucky, it might be the free game Microsoft will toss our way in recompense for the shaky Live service recently (which has gotten better, but it’s still pretty sluggish at peak times here), although that’s probably military-grade wishful thinking on my part.

One version of the original Rez was bundled with a ‘trance vibrator’ in Japan (where else), a device which buzzed in time to the music. According to its creator it wasn’t supposed to be sexual (er, nice name then), but an exploration of synaesthesia - something that is barely plausible in one of those weird gaming seats, but when you make it a small handheld device? Who are they kidding - of course this being the Internet where news travels fast and filth fastest of all, it wasn’t long before it was being reviewed in its alternate context.

Allegedly Rez HD won’t offer support for the old device, but instead may allow every additional 360 controller to operate as a ‘trance vibrator’ via the rumble reature - that’s 3, all potentially wireless. The mind boggles. 😕 At least the game is being offered via a download service so you don’t have to take it home from the shop in a brown paper bag.

Edit: Of course, Penny Arcade does it funnier.