Closing off a busy week

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It’s been a seriously busy week - I had Monday to work on some Ogre features (tangents) but really since then I’ve been mostly limited to breezing through the forums at only slightly more than a superficial level. The reason is that the principal customer project I’ve been on the past 2-3 months hits a major milestone next week - a presentation to ‘the brass’ in Tokyo (it’s a Japanese company, although the project members are scattered around the globe - and no, I can’t tell you any more than that). Anybody with experience in any kind of project work knows that it always comes down to the wire at this stage, and so myself and the small handful of other people working on this project have been pulling extra hours to do our best to make sure it’s ready. Fingers crossed.

It should all calm down in the middle of next week and I’ll be able to split my time a little more equally again. Apologies if my answers in the forum have been terser & less frequent than usual, or you’re waiting on something I said I’d look into - I haven’t forgotten, honest 😀