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Saw this linked on Penny Arcade - some guy called Kevin McCullough appears to be trying to compete with Jack Thomson for the heady heights of so-inaccurate-as-to-be-almost-laughable, uninformed game sniping - according to him Mass Effect is a ‘tailor made porn’ game. News to me Kev, I’ve been playing it for about 15 hours now and the nipple count is still stuck at exactly zero. Maybe you got hold of a super-hardcore special edition that the rest of us didn’t? Or maybe you never got within 12 degrees of separation of anyone who has actually played the damn game at all, and just made a bunch of shit up based on what some guy told you in the pub, in order to foment fear in the uneducated and thus improve the chances of your pathetic little life getting noticed?

I kind of regret giving him any extra traffic because he’s either some kind of deranged reactionary, or worse a calculating media whore who is only interested in engaging full-on ‘outrage mode’ regardless of fact - who needs accuracy when fictional material gets a more extreme response? His piece bears so little attachment to reality I found it quite astonishing that any website would publish it; I question whether even our Daily Mail would have, and that’s an utterly dreadful daily rag which makes a living out of putting the willies up clueless middle-England conservatives (and they’d probably object to that turn of phrase too) with staggeringly inflated (and that one) misinformation.

What’s scary is there’s clearly a segment of the population who listen to what people like this have to say.

Here’s my favourite quote:

Then there’s the dishonesty behind the game' title. “Mass Effect” sounds like a war game with a deadly virus that is spreading unless the GI-Joes are able to defeat the evil and deadly substance and it’s covert war plan.

There’s no part of that paragraph that makes any sense (not to mention the screaming grammatical errors).