MacHeist 2008

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Damien kindly sent me a link today to MacHeist, a site that sells bundles of Mac software for a limited time at rather extraordinary prices, while also donating 25% of the revenue to charity. I took a look, and on seeing the bundle that was there, immediately bought it. It’s $49 for 14 applications, and whilst inevitably there’s some dead wood in there and things I wouldn’t normally buy, the inclusion of PixelMator made it a no-brainer for me on its own - the entire bundle is $10 cheaper than buying PixelMator is usually anyway. Total bargain - I’d intended to buy PixelMator anyway but hadn’t gotten around to it yet, so now I get it cheaper and with a bunch of other stuff thrown in.

I can also see myself using SpeedDownload since I’m currently managing with the free version of iGetter (unfortunately there’s no direct equivalent of Free Download Manager on OS X). Some of the others look interesting too although I probably would never have bought them on their own.

So, a good deal, and the charity aspect is good too. If you want to take advantage of this offer you only have about a day and a half to do it. 😀