ZeroGear looking nice

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I just thought I’d post these videos on my blog, because I’m really liking the art style on this racing game using Ogre. They only just got their first car going around the track (hence no shadows yet), but it’s looking polished already (there’s also a HD version available which shows off the artwork better):

I really like what they’re doing with the character customisation too (again alternatively watch the HD Version):

That UI is created with Navi, a HTML/Javascript based UI plugin for Ogre which uses LLMozLib to do the base 2D rendering and as such looks rather spiffy and is easy to use. A previous demo had some ‘rim lighting’ effects (Super Mario Galaxy) that they were experimenting with, which looked interesting. It’s always fun to see what people in the community come up with. If you like you can keep up with the development of ZeroGear on their development blog.