What goes around, comes around

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (231 Words)

Oh, it’s just too ironic. For so many years over-enthusiastic console fanboys have been lambasting the PC as a gaming device with arguments such as:

  • You have to patch them all the time
  • The install process takes too long, I want to just play

Now of course, both are starting to happen on consoles, with the latest spat being over Devil May Cry 4’s 20-minute install process on PS3 as it installs it on the hard drive to speed up loading times. You know, the exact same reason every PC game did the same thing. Shock, it’s not just a ‘PCs are crap’ thing after all, huh?

The only reason consoles didn’t have these issues before was because they were simple. People want their consoles to be complicated now, they want DLC and home media playing, network multiplayer and user customisable content, enormous texture sizes and streaming worlds i.e. everything the PC has had for years - and guess what? It adds complexity. Maybe some of them are now realising that PCs were just more flexible before, and that comes with a price, which we’re now starting to experience on consoles too. PCs are getting simpler to use, and consoles are getting more complex. Pretty soon we’ll have a hard time telling the difference, except the extra £10 ‘console tax’ we have to pay on games for the exact same content.