Chariot, upgraded

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I’ve never been a car nut. I know that generally, as a bloke, I’m supposed to be genetically compelled to care about the physical prowess of the motorised metal can I haul my arse about in, but I can rarely muster up much enthusiasm. As far as I’m concerned, it’s primarily a tool for getting from A to B, and given that our island has a top speed of 35 miles per hour, people who buy fast / huge / flash cars are either compensating for something, or have more money than sense. The usual justification is ‘We take it away to France on holiday’, although I can’t help thinking it would be cheaper to hire something good for those 2 weeks than to buy something expensive that’s overpowered for the rest of the year. But then I probably buy more gadgets & PC gear than is strictly practical too, so I guess I can’t talk.

The result of this general apathy is that we’ve had the same car for 7 years and we’ve only done 20,000 miles in it in that time (probably less than 2 years average mileage in the UK), even sharing it between the two of us. I used to walk to work for most of that time anyway, and now I’m working from home and Marie walks quite a bit, so it doesn’t get used hugely. However the last service indicated that some more serious things were going to need attention soon, so we decided it was about time we changed it.

So this morning we placed an order for a new Yaris - actually the same car we have now (except a newer model, obviously); having looked around as much as our rapidly exhausted interest levels would allow, it still pushed all the right buttons for us in the small car range, driving nicer than the others and feeling far more spacious for its physical size. Plus, their dashes are made up entirely of LEDs. How can you possibly argue with that? What Car may recommend other makes, but having looked into their recommended buys, I can only conclude that we don’t have the same tastes or priorities at all.

The only downer with swapping an old car for a new one is that you have that whole ‘first scratch’ torment to go through again. We may not be car nuts, but it’s still an expensive piece of kit so that first one is as heartbreaking as it is inevitable. But, after a while, once it’s got a few scuffs we’ll be more relaxed about it again I’m sure.