Never fear, Zuckerberg is here

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Yet more proof, if we needed it, that Mr Facebook has his head permanently lodged shoulder-deep in his own arse, because allegedly, Facebook is now going to help rid the world of terrorism. Yep, that’s right - not content with running a one-trick popularity-dependent company that despite still scrabbling around for a viable business model still gets funded to a level that defies all rational analysis, nor with his could-you-get-any-more-pompous 100 years of media gaffe, good old Zucky is now taking credit for stopping terrorism too.

“Facebook has a relatively large population in London, " he said, making a rare connection with reality. “Terrorism comes … from a lack of empathy and understanding. …. There are people who are at a point in their lives, a crossroads, deciding whether they’re going to pursue terrorism. And people have told me that Facebook has helped them maintain connections with friends in Europe, in America, and maintain that empathy.”

Right. Need a little perspective much Mark? I guess you can’t blame him, he’s barely out of school so can’t be expected to have any idea about his place in the grand scheme of things, especially when people keep throwing sackfulls of money at him like it was 2001 all over again. I really, really can’t wait for this particular bubble to burst.