Hardware tweaking

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It hasn’t been that long since I last upgraded my main dev machine, but as it happens although the 320Mb 8800 GTS seemed perfectly adequate for my needs late last summer, most of the people on the team I’m working on now bought their cards more recently, and of course now the 8800 GTS 512Mb is now the ‘sweet spot’ for nvidia cards. It didn’t really matter until I started running out of memory, and of course since I was always the first on the team to run out, it was a mite inconvenient. While we’ll obviously optimise more too, at least if we’re all working on the same basis it’s simpler, and I won’t be the one cursing all the time. The card itself looks almost identical to the previous GTS, except the heatsink is a little bigger. Inside of course it’s got a newer chip (the G92) with more shader units, but with a slightly thinner memory bus (hence the more usual memory amount rather than the odd 320Mb of the previous card). As before, I bought the BFG packaged version, because they come overclocked already (I’m too lazy to play with that myself anymore) and with a lifetime warranty.

While I was at it I also upgraded my PSU to a 620W modular Corsair - I had occasionally been getting some stability issues which may have been related to my fairly old 430W PSU not quite being up to the job. I was converted to modular PSUs after I got a modular Akasa for my small form factor test machine, and the Corsair is very similar - the only physically attached cables are those for the motherboard, everything else you connect only if you need it. It’s certainly nice to only have cables you need rattling about in the case.

So far, it seems to be running well. 😀