Saying it with sake

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I received a rather large package in the mail this morning which at first puzzled me - I knew for a fact that despite what I might hope, Rock Band really wasn’t going to arrive that fast! It was only when I saw the ‘Produce of Japan’ stamped on the side that it dawned on me who it might be from - my most significant client right now is a Japanese company.

I unpacked the box to find a rather large bottle of sake - 1.8L to be precise, this is apparently the traditional size. I’ve had sake before, but it’s fair to say I’ve probably only had the rougher stuff, since I’ve only encountered it in Chinese restaurants in the west (and once in China, but again I was with a western party) and I doubt they select it carefully when their patrons largely know nothing about it. I have no idea about what makes good or bad sake, it’s always seemed something of an acquired taste but on looking around the web at how many sake review sites there are even in English, I guess it’s a whole lot more complicated than I realise. This particular sake is, from what I can tell, a well regarded brand so I’ll be very interested to see what it tastes like.

This was a very nice gesture, and is linked to the fact that we recently passed a second significant milestone in the project I’m working on with them - a couple of demos for top brass & investors in Tokyo last week. It went rather well thanks to the hard work of everyone involved over the last 6 months - our team is small but spans 3 continents (plus a little dot in the ocean of course 😀) and I think we got some great work done in the time. It was a relief and very gratifying therefore to know that the results went down well with the people that saw the demo. With luck I should be staying with the project for a while longer yet to continue to take the product through to the next phase.

And yes, when I am allowed to show you pictures of the product in question, I will. 😀