Ogre at the London Science Museum, World Tour later

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I love the Science Museum. Of course I do, it’s a natural environment for me - they have a Cray in there for Turing’s sake, I was geeking out about that for ages when I visited a few years ago (while my wife rolled her eyes and grudgingly took a photo of me next to it). So you can imagine I was happy to hear that Ogre is living there right now, for a little while at least, because a game made with it is part of the Science of Survival exhibition, a family-oriented interactive exhibition concentrating on “global resources, climate change, and our options for a sustainable future”. Here’s a couple of pictures:


You can find more pictures and a video on the developer’s site. After being at the Science Museum for a while, the exhibition is due to go around the world for the next 5 years taking in Paris, Tokyo and Washington on the way, which is pretty cool.

Ogre getting used in interactive exhibits seems to be something of a theme lately - clients of mine EDM Studio are particularly experienced in this area and have used Ogre quite a lot, and of course there’s axyzimages and their work such as the Nantes museum. de Blob started off as an Ogre-based public kiosk application in Utrecht with a serious background of urban regeneration, rather than the frivalous Wii/DS game it’s now going to become 😉 . And on top of that there have been a number of unusual one-off posts in our showcase where someone has used Ogre for an interactive art exhibit or similar idea. I think it’s great, personally 😀