Rez meets AudioSurf?

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See, this is kind of the thing that makes me happy (ish) to get up in the morning - a group of 4 students at the National University of Singapore have developed an interesting experimental game using Ogre and other tools, called ‘Rainbow Road’. What makes it interesting is that it’s a Wiimote-controlled shoot-em up which generates enemies based on a music track that you’re listening to. Their development video is pretty interesting, it shows the various stages they went through to get there. I’m not sure what happened to the Wii head-tracking features since the final version seems to use regular stick control for movement, but even so it’s very interesting.

YouTube quality sucks as always, but this isn’t really about the graphics anyway, I just like to see people playing with concepts like this, especially when they’re using my software 😀Give the students some feedback in the forum if you have time, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.