The timeless mystery of Irn-Bru

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (332 Words)

I’m just quaffing on one of these at the moment and it occurred to me that in an international context it might be blogworthy, since maybe it’s not that widely available around the world. Irn-Bru is a Scottish carbonated drink that’s been going for about a hundred years now, and it’s, well, odd. It’s bright orange, but it doesn’t taste remotely orangey. It’s as refreshing as a citrusy drink, but it tastes nothing like fruit, or quite like much else on this planet. It’s got more than a slight hint of barley sugar, but it’s nowhere near as cloying as that might suggest, and there’s clearly something else in there too. Irn-Bru is an enigma.

I love it though - I don’t chug canned drinks that much any more, but when I do it’s nearly always Red Bull (or the cheaper British imitator, Red Rooster which is surprisingly good) or Irn-Bru. There’s something pretty unique about it - they won’t tell you exactly what’s in it (which is pretty common in traditional Scottish fare), but they hint it might have something to do with girders - at least they used to, until they were forced to remove that from their advertising because it was misleading to the public, given that there weren’t in fact any genuine girders in there (just some kind of ferrous additive), and obviously, consumers could be confused by that. If they had been hit rather hard in the head by such a girder in the past, rendering them drooling halfwits perhaps. 

Anyway, it’s got all the ingredients any hacker needs in a drink - water, carbon dioxide, caffeine, sugar, additives and a weird flavour. Perfect, and you can drink it in greater quantities than Red Bull without the unfortunate side-effects, such as being so hyper you’re convinced you can see 10 seconds into the future 😀I’m not sure how widely it gets distributed outside of the UK but if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go if you see it.