Money for old rope

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Bill Gates, who seems to be following the tradition of Tony Blair in doing the sort of ‘long goodbye’ which makes us wonder why he’s still here, like he’s holding out for a standing ovation and encore or something - has irritated me again by doing another presentation of technology we’ve all seen before but that Microsoft is reinventing, just rather less impressively, and touting it as their innovation. It all links back to Microsoft Surface which has always been a total rip off of the work of people like Jeff Han, just with more lag and a clunkier interface. It just makes my blood boil to watch them crow over a juddery, sluggish version of something I gleefully played with 2 years ago at Siggraph, when it wasn’t even new then. Compare the following:

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Personally, I know which one I think is innovative, and which is derivative, and also which one I’d rather use. But, no doubt a ton of people will hold out and buy the Microsoft version just because it’s made by Microsoft. Bah.