GHIV named, has Kravitz & dodgy trailer

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Following on from my previous post, it’s now clear the name is Guitar Hero World Tour - avoiding the word ‘Rock’ but keeping the slightly misleading Guitar lead, and patching on the name for a play mode in Rock Band. There’s a trailer up, the only thing about it that interests me is that it features Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’, which has always been on all of my major wish-lists for Guitar Hero. Dang, here’s hoping they DLC it for Rock Band eventually. Here’s the trailer:

To be honest, I think it’s a crap trailer, it takes itself a tad too seriously (which is a vibe I got from GH3 too) and kinda just makes me think the band and the crowd are either stupid or ridiculously pretentious. Compare this to the Rock Band ads which are very toungue-in-cheek, slightly self-deprecating and a perfect fit for the game - ie lots of fun, a little fantasy trip but let’s not pretend we’re cool while playing it, ok? It’s just meant to be a bit of fun.

In any case, if GHWT requires me to buy new peripherals even Kravitz isn’t likely to tempt me, especially as I have little faith in Neversoft’s implementation of co-op / party play after GH3 tore it to ribbons.