Sods law

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The fundamental flaw with selling the Rock Band instruments separately from the game in Europe was made crushingly solid for me today, as the postman delivered one massive box containing all the instruments, but the little jiffy bag containing the game itself entirely failed to materialize. Sigh.

At least I know which revision of the drum hardware I have now, for the purposes of any mods I might want to purchase. It appears that people have been getting a random selection of either the EL or QM drum sets here in Europe, so I wasn’t sure which I was going to get. The EL sets are the first editions, they’re a bit noisier and less sensitive than the second-generation QM sets, which have softer gum rubber pads and a higher sensitivity. In the US some SL sets are starting to appear but I don’t know what they’re like. I’ve ended up with the QM set, which I think is a good thing - I’ve seen reports that they can be a bit too sensitive sometimes and have problems on very fast drum rolls, but considering I’m going to be rubbish at it for a while I don’t think I have to worry about that yet, and it’s something that can be addressed easily later with drumpad mods (it’s much easier to lower sensitivity than raise it!). They definitely seem quieter than the ones I’d seen on various YouTube videos. I’ll see once I actually get playing, but I expect that I’ll be buying a metal pedal reinforcer and a set of drum pads before too long: this set looks quite nice.

The guitar is a little odd feeling - larger than I expected (compared to GH controllers) and with no ‘click’ on the strum bar, it’ll probably take a little getting used to. The fret buttons do click a bit however, the lack of this was something people didn’t like about the first editions I hear, so I guess this is again an updated version. They clearly chose to leave the click off the strum bar though. Given that this is the 360 version the guitar is wired of course, but the wire is a little longer than my wired PS2 GH2 controller so it should be fine.

Now, if only the damn disc would arriveā€¦.