Exponential enjoyment curve

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Ok, I know I said I was going to lay off the Rock Band commentary for a while now that I’ve done my review, but I just wanted to add an addendum - it’s absolutely true what they say that the more people you have in the room, the more fun this game becomes.

I’d played it mostly with my wife for 3 evenings and we had a lot of fun, but last night we had a bunch of friends come round to our place and it really does get even better. We don’t even have a bass yet (since my GH instruments are PS2-bound) but even just the one extra active player makes a difference, and having a room full of people getting into the game & jostling for a turn was a great atmosphere. The drums were the most popular obviously, but I was also surprised how willing most people were to pick up the mic and belt out a few tracks, provided they knew the song (hence the singer got to pick the track). A great time was had by all I think and it’s definitely convinced me to shell out for an extra guitar when I can. It’s also persuaded me that I need to buy a kick pedal reinforcer to help my kit stand up to my more ’enthusiastic’ friends! 😕