SFIV looking fabulous

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (274 Words)

Wow. Every new trailer I see of Street Fighter IV raises my anticipation level for this title a little more, and the video released from Captivate 08 yesterday is no exception. Just ignore the annoying voice-over.

Stunning. The proof will be in the playing of course, but it certainly looks promising that they’ve captured the essence of arguably the best fighting game ever to grace any system. They even have a revamped version of a piece of music that I definitely recognise from SFII - I think it might be from Vega’s stage?

I assume all this footage is from the arcade version, but I would guess that the 360 version will look pretty much identical. It tickles me a little that the term ‘arcade-perfect conversion’ is once again to become relevant when it comes to this title; it almost lends it an extra level of nostalgia since we cared very much about that sort of thing back when the originals were doing the rounds.

I realise we’ll be waiting a little bit of extra time for the home console version, but this definitely confirms my previous decision to skip Soul Calibur IV. The quote ‘A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold’ seems a little too poignant, I do feel I’ve played SC a few too many times in recent years. The addition of Star Wars characters, even more ludicrous mammaries and destructible armour (for the girls, obviously - noticing a pattern yet?) seems just like so much gimmickery to distract from the fact that it’s the same game all over again. At least Street Fighter has been absent long enough that I do miss it…