A busy time

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I’ve been rather busy these last few weeks which will hopefully go some way to excusing (or at least explaining) my often multi-day absences from the OGRE forums lately. I’ve had an influx of work propositions, on top of the projects I already have running and it’s been a struggle to juggle it all. In a way it’s nice to have to turn down work because I’m not likely to be able to fit it in for a few months, but at the same time, since in the past there have been times where work has been short, it feels so wrong. I’ve thought about subcontracting some of the extra out to other people I know, but came to the realisation that I wouldn’t even have the time to manage that process and give full attention to the projects I’m closely involved with, so in the end have just made some recommendations for other people to contact, and offered to act as a 1-man backup strike team if they get stuck. As well as contract work, I have an OGRE add-on product in the works that I hope to be able to post about in a few weeks.

Personal life has been busy too, my wife just had to go into hospital to have some wisdom teeth removed so she’s been delicate and in need of some looking after. We have a trip to Paris booked for next month and we keep saying we should plan what we’re going to do, but I’m betting we’ll probably just end up winging it 😀I haven’t even sorted out what else I’m doing at Siggraph yet, except for the work assignments I have, really have to put some thought in. I’ve been putting some more time into the revised memory system for OGRE when I can (which isn’t as often as I’d like), I’ll post about that separately.  I’m doing a training presentation to my local developer group later this week to cover a few more advanced aspects of Subversion, so preparing for that has taken a little time. Rock Band is still soaking up what leisure time is left, although even that’s been far more neglected than usual.

So, there you go - a rambling post to explain why you might not have seen much of me lately. I haven’t in fact withdrawn to a mountain retreat to contemplate the deeper mysteries (that’s next month), I’m just a little busy 😀