Ballast for your mouse?

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My venerable MX510 has served me well but after a few years of concentrated (ab)use it was somewhat the worse for wear - the scroll wheel died a few months back, and more and more of the low-friction feet had become detached, making it start to limp like a wounded animal. I finally caved this week and took it out to the barn with a 12-gauge.

I thought about getting a wireless mouse this time around, but I concluded that I really can’t be arsed to charge yet another wireless device or keep it stocked with batteries, so I stuck with a traditional wired rodent. I’ve always preferred the design of Logitech mice so I just went with a fairly conservative choice of the G5, because it has the same basic shape I’m used to.

It’s nothing particularly special, a high-precision laser product as you’d expect these days, and you can vary the sensitivity dynamically which is a bit of a gimmick for me since I’m hardly a pro gamer. However, the cool thing that actually is useful is that it’s not a fixed weight. The base mouse is quite light, but undernearth there’s a slot for a ‘ballast cartridge’, which is just a piece of plastic with 8 round slots in it. In the box they give you a metal tin with tiny metal weights in it - 8 x 1.7g and 8 x 4.5g - which are quite nicely designed. You just snap in whatever combination of weights you want; this way you can vary the weight by up to 36g in 1.7g increments. It’s a nice idea actually, since weight does have a bearing on how comfy a mouse is to use and you’re not forced into a one size fits all setup. I have mine set to 30.4g 😀