MS to world: black is white

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I had to chuckle at these comments from Microsoft’s VP for “Windows Consumer Product Marketing” Brad Brooks on what they’re going to do about Vista’s current image problem. He says all the bad things people are saying about Vista are lies:

“There’s a conversation in the market place right now and it’s plain wrong,” he claimed.

Ah, I see now Brad. As a paying customer I’ve bought several Vista licenses and been totally underwhelmed by what I got for the money, and have been far more engaged with OS X in almost the same period, but I’m just plain wrong. Thanks for clearing that up.

“Windows is awesome… Windows Vista is a good product.”

Gotcha. I was thinking the best adjective to describe Windows, particularly Vista, was ‘adequate’, but clearly I slipped up and used the wrong ‘A’ word. It’s an easy mistake to make, after all I am dumb enough to be fooled by all the lies in the marketplace telling me Vista isn’t the dogs bollocks. Doh! You might want to give your partners cue-cards, just incase they forget how totally awesome it is during sales pitches.

“Also, Microsoft needs to get partners familiarized with Windows Vista ahead of Windows 7, as that OS will use the same hardware specifications. When you make an investment in Windows Vista, it’s going to pay forward into the next generation of the operating system we call Windows 7,”

Gee, thanks for making the incentives clear for me there. You mean I can invest my time & money to deploy Vista, so that it’s easier for me to spend more time and more money on the next iteration? Here I was measuring software against how much return I got on my investment, when all along I should have been looking at it as an investment towards future purchases I can make from Microsoft. Sold! Just a shot in the dark Brad - did you sell extended warranties at some point in your career?

As my daughter said, the ‘truth will make us strong’.

Your daughter may be right Brad, but you have a rather strange notion of the word ‘truth’ - but then you’re in marketing, so that’s not really your fault. Feel free to patronise your customers a little more at the next event, I’m sure they’re loving it being implied that they’re just stupid for not realising how totally awesome Vista is.