Ogre + Macs + Museum = Interactive Education

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (236 Words)
This is the kind of thing that gets me up in the morning. This is a new interactive exhibit at the Australian Museum in Sydney called 'Dangerous Australians'; it's a 6-metre long table with motion tracking cameras, allowing people to interact with 10 of Australia's most dangerous creatures. It looks great, and I'm glad to say it's running on Ogre (among other things). The table is in fact driven by 4 Macs, each with a projector and camera setup.
I love this kind of thing - it's 3D, it's interactive, it's fun, but it's also educational. Games are great, but really I can't help but feel a little extra pride when I see projects like this, because I feel like they have more of a positive real-world aura about them. It's a lot like the sort of project that EDMStudio and axyzimages have been involved in before (also Ogre users), so I'm glad to see more companies coming on board with Ogre in this sector. Serious games is also another growth area for Ogre these days if the kind of calls I'm getting are anything to go by, with companies such as IncredibleSims using Ogre in that space. It's great, and I'm certainly doing all I can to help promote and support Ogre being used in this sort of environment. Just because there's a serious goal, doesn't mean we can't render it in kick-ass 3D 😀