How did all these floors get so wet anyway?

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I was playing about with working in Photoshop today because I needed to polish off a logo for the new product I’ve been working on during what time I could find in the last few weeks (which has often been evenings and weekends), and while I was at it I decided to update the Ogre logo a little bit.

Yeah, I know - it’s totally derivative and shamelessly jumping on the ‘wet floor’ bandwagon, but I don’t care; I like it. 😀I thought about putting a shimmery effect on the floor or something but I was already short of time.

I’ll be able to reveal the product I’m talking about soon, the legals have now all been signed so I’m getting ready to go. All I’ll say right now is that it’s a commercial Ogre add-on component which I hope will be quite popular among the higher-end Ogre users. I want to spend a little more time polishing it with my closed beta users before opening it up to a wider audience - the prospect came up on rather short notice so I want to concentrate on the loose ends and make sure the quality is there before unleashing it. I have standards to maintain 😀