Flying disease factories

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I appear to have come down with a nasty cough / chest infection and I’m pretty sure I can blame it on sitting through 6 flights in 3 days. Planes these days are breeding grounds for illness, I remember hearing somewhere that flying is actually less healthy since they banned smoking on board, just because now they can get away with recycling the air lots more times and won’t spend money on decent air filters.

My wife almost made me to go to the doctor today about it, something I very rarely do since I generally figure they can’t do anything for viruses anyway so why waste both our times, although I must admit I was starting to consider it this time since secondary infection did seem likely. However, my fever seems to have broken and my lungs appear to have stopped being highly efficient fluid factories as of a few hours ago so I think I’m on the mend. I’m in no state to do anything today though, which sucks because I have a ton of things I should be doing.

Here’s hoping I can get well enough for the next flight I have to take on Saturday to LA, and not come down with some other strain after that. 😕