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Yes, this is the extra library project I’ve been working on recently:

There are more details in my OGRE Forum post, but I’m pretty sure you can guess what it does 😀I’m pretty pleased with the shots & speed so far, although I’m refining it more all the time. I’m currently in a closed beta phase with a client, so no demos yet.

I’ve written this in partnership with IDV (creators of SpeedTree), who have been very helpful. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on doing this ‘right’, choosing to take the high road of writing a completely native Ogre implementation from scratch rather than adapting the reference application, and I hope that over time, SpeedTree and OgreSpeedTree will become components of choice for those Ogre users who are looking for top-quality foliage rendering.

I’ll have this with me at Siggraph if you want to see it running, just drop me an email at steve at torusknot dot com.

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