Star Wars Holiday Special??

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I stumbled across this for the first time ever today, and I’m left completely horrified. I thought it was only relatively recently that George Lucas had jettisonned his quality filter into deep space - sure, I could see the beginnings of his lunacy in Return of the Jedi’s Ewoks, but it was forgiveable (just). Then, I saw this TV monstrosity created in 1978 of all times, between Star Wars and the pinnacle that is the Empire Strikes Back and starring all of the major characters. Warning: this is a truly horrifying experience for any fan of the original movies, so brace yourself!

I’m not surprised Lucas tried to bury this, but now it’s back thanks to the magic of the Internet. It allegedly aired only once on US TV and once in Australia, which might explain why I’ve never seen it (I’m just not hardcore enough to be on the bootleg circulation list). This is only the first and last parts (out of a total 10); I couldn’t even bring myself to watch these 2 in their entirety. If you make it through them, congratulations, but I’d advise seeking professional help.