Cultural white-washing

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Ugh. I’ve liked the Prince Of Persia series (although I only mostly only experienced the latest lot as a spectator, my wife played them more), but I have some misgivings about the gameplay trailer for the latest one.

My gripes:

  1. Firstly, all that jumping & grabbing. It really doesn’t seem very fluid, more of a vertical shuffling game than the graceful acrobatic series of moves I’ve come to expect of PoP.
  2. That magic-using woman giving you a ‘leg up’ in mid-air seems to be a rather lame excuse for a double-jump system. From what people are saying it even sounds like her assistance is automatic,  saving you implicitly from death-by-plummetting (or rather, from the abrupt deceleration that comes at the end), which if correct would seem to completely undermine the peril that goes with doing aerial somersaults.
  3. QTE-style combat moves that were getting repetitive even in the short trailer
  4. That horrible Buffy the Vampire Slayer style banter. The American accent and jovial flippancy just grates on my nerves even in the demo. I know they have to be commercial, which means appealing to American generation X-ers, but it’s just completely at odds with the setting. I know they can’t give him a realistic accent and still hit their target demographic, any more than they can call it ‘Prince of the Islamic Republic of Iran’ and expect to it to sell to the white bread masses, but it just sounds so wrong. It may even exceed Assassin’s Creed’s ability to make the main protagonist sound like an annoying tit whenever he opens his mouth (Altair clearly should have been doing movie trailer voice-overs).

I might be being too harsh on the back of an early gameplay trailer, but I definitely have my misgivings. The graphical style is nice though.