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Today has been totally bonkers, but I finally got at least a large part of the Ogre 1.6.0 RC1 release done. I finished all the straggling documentation updates, the source releases are up and the prebuilt SDK for VC8 is there too. I have to do the VC7.1 SDK, the Mac OS X SDK and perhaps the VC9 SDK too (since I have a build of that locally now) yet. Florian was having a few odd linker problems with MinGW which didn’t occur on Linux or OS X so that one might take a while longer to resolve, perhaps until RC2.

It’s worth all the effort though, the 1.6 Changelog is positively bursting with goodness, and I’m pretty sure I probably missed some less headline things in there anyway. 1.6 is definitely a worthy release.

As you can see, I even found time to make a new release logo 😀

It’s going on midnight here now though so I’m going to finish up and have a cup of tea before going to bed. Perhaps there might be rest for the wicked after all! 😉