OGRE 2008 User Survey Results!

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I’ve just released a report summarising the results of the OGRE 2008 User Survey. Thanks to everyone who participated, we did in fact break the 1,000 responses mark which was my goal when I decided to  run the survey, I think that’s a statistically respectable number to draw conclusions from.

I intend to give copies of this report to hardware and software companies I need to blag a bit of assistance from, so I think this will do the job. I’m also glad that some of the impressions I got from my work over the last few years were reinforced, such as that there are quite a lot of companies using OGRE for applications other than games.

I’ll write up a forum posting on it when I get a chance (probably tomorrow), but I don’t venture into the forum unless I have at least an hour or two free otherwise I miss some updated threads when I have to rush off! Blog readers get an early peek.