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Next in the line of OgreSpeed* products, here’s a shot of OgreSpeedGrass.

It’s based on IDV’s SpeedGrass but I’ve rewritten a fair amount to make it work conveniently with Ogre, and also improved it somewhat - such as better wind effects and the completely dynamic lighting and shadowing you see there, which I think looks rather nice.

OgreSpeedGrass will be bundled with a yearly support agreement for OgreSpeedTree, in the same way that the original SpeedGrass is licensed. I’m not looking for any additional beta testers right now, but there will be an official 1.0 release of both these libraries by the end of the month; if you’d like to be notified when that happens, please email enquiries at torusknot dot com.

More shots are available in the Ogre gallery.

Edit: and here’s a video, for those who asked: