New OgreSpeedTree media up

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (267 Words)

A few people asked for an OgreSpeedTree video with more varied scenes, and I’ve now uploaded one to the OgreSpeedTree section of the Torus Knot site. Just scroll down below the screenshots if you want to view the video.

I have a higher resolution & better quality version (this one is H.264 at 1Kb/s) but I’ve kept this one small for now to keep my bandwidth under control. Places like Vimeo don’t allow commercial advertising, and while before I could get away with claiming it was just in-development test output shared with enthusiasts only, this is really an advertisement video so I’m hosting it myself. I have enough bandwidth to spare unless something really goes bonkers (I think) - in case it does, does anyone know of any reasonably priced business media hosts (UK only), should I need something more than just upping my bandwidth allowance? I’ve seen a few dedicated streaming media hosts around but don’t have a view on how good they are.

OgreSpeedTree 1.0 entered RC1 a week ago and I haven’t had any reports of any issues, so I’m pretty much ready to stick a fork in it & declare it done for now. I’ve been improving OgreSpeedGrass this week, such as making the grass paging re-entrant so that new cells can be filled gradually to spread the buffer update overhead over many frames, that seems to have helped in busier scenes. That just needs a couple more utility functions for loading in grass distributions from tools, then that will be done too. Then, it’ll be time to get the marketing wheels moving…