Ground Control to Major Tom

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Just a quick update on the health situation for those that are interested. I’m still in some pain but appear to be getting a little better each day. I’m still very sore most of the time, and mornings are the worst time as I try to slowly free up the swollen joints that have a tendency to seize up overnight, but I’m getting the knifing pain less and less, and I can walk much more normally so progress is being made. I am, however, still on quite a lot of drugs which means I’m a bit phased out at times. I’m also stupidly thirsty all the time, which is odd.

I’m spending some time at the desk, but I have to take a lot of breaks, and I’m certainly not at peak efficiency - I’m spending what productive time I have mostly on existing customer commitments, so Ogre is getting a little less attention than usual. I was in the forum briefly yesterday but I just cherry-picked a few things, and that’s likely to be the case for the next week at least.

I must say Monday’s events were a major wake-up call for me. As might have been apparent, I’ve had a bit of a peak of activity lately, what with OgreSpeedTree, Ogre 1.6 and a few new work projects coming on stream. I’ve also mentioned how Ogre has mostly slipped back into my spare time again. All in all it’s led to me spending more and more evenings and weekends at the desk again, and doing less and less other activity (Rock Band excluded, although even that suffered). I don’t resent this at all, I love my work, I love being self-employed and independent even with the lack of downtime that brings, and I love working on Ogre - and in addition I’m a stubborn git, so when faced with increasing demands I tend to just get my head down and put increasing effort in to meet it. I did have a few back twinges in the past 4 weeks but I generally just gritted my teeth and coped with it, or rested a bit for a day or two until it was better enough for me to resume business as usual. In hindsight, that wasn’t very wise.

I know, I know - people have been telling me for ages that I need to look after myself better (on this blog and otherwise), but I always find that hard when there’s so much to do. Unfortunately, being the stubborn idiot that I am, it really does take something as major as being carted off in an ambulance to finally get it into my thick skull that I might be pushing it a bit too far.

So, message finally received, loud and clear. My initial focus now is to recover enough by the end of the month to be able to travel without injuring myself (since I have a trip already booked), which means initially lots of rest interspersed with very gentle exercises. Then over the next year or two my goal is to gradually get back to the level of fitness I used to have some years ago (or as close as I can get). Believe it or not, I used to be really very fit in my early 20s, doing runs around the steep cliff paths here, regular martial arts training, all sorts. But that was 13-14 years ago now - if I can get even halfway back to that it’ll be a major boost. That means that instead of letting work take precedence all the time, my health will have to jump up to priority #1 (from about 5 or 6 ;)). Once I’m well enough to move about properly again, I think I’ll start with something relatively gentle, like swimming, and work up gradually from there.

As an impatient person I’ll no doubt have an urge to speed things up so I can get back to some project or other, but all I have to do is think back to this Monday if I find myself wanting to do that. Time to be more sensible, dumbass. 😕