Three steps forward, two steps back

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OK, now I’m getting really pissed off. My back has got slightly better every day over the past week and a half - yesterday I went for my third physio appointment and everything was pretty hunky-dory, just a bit of soreness, but my range of movement was much better and his prodding barely hurt at all. I went more than 24 hours with no painkillers of any sort for the first time in ages, and this morning I felt great.

That is, until despite my being careful I accidentally twisted a very particular way in the shower and had a sudden sharp pain. It was only very fleeting, but now my back feels like it did this time last week - constantly sore and very painful to put any kind of stress on (e.g. bending down, carrying anything). To say I’m annoyed is a very large understatement. I need to be able to carry a rucksack with a laptop in it next week, and up until an hour ago I was feeling really happy that was going to be fine. 🙁

I’ve been doing some gentle exercise (walking) and it’s been helping a great deal, but it’s terrifying to know that I can do something so incredibly simple in the space of about 2 seconds to completely reverse my recovery process. It’s frustrating in the extreme.